Long Way to Happy

I never realized how severe the lines are between “yours and mine”. There’s a lot of space in the middle of what we say we’re going to do and what actually happens. People believe in conviction but delivery is expensive. Everyone looks perfect and good at the start. Marilyn said it too. There isn’t a trophy for mediocrity and life is bloody. Guilt is ugly and regret tastes bad. Choices are forever



Who are you?

Today when I was rifling through Elle Magazine, I realized that I am not the woman who shops on-line for five different pieces from different designers. I also realized that while I love fashion, I also prefer to shop in the “cheap seats”. How many women really go to the store and purchase the “brand” version of everything? I admit that I am a sucker for certain designers and fashion trends but it is nonsensical to pay $250 for one pair of jeans – even if you make a million dollars.

My suggestion is to be you on the outside and inside. Who cares what you are wearing because when it is all said and done, we are all naked. Love you Sister.

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