Walking Into Walls

The truth about relationships is that every relationship you have is conditional. It might be based on love, friendship or kitty treats but if you don’t put anything into it you’re not getting anything back.

I think I’ve known from a very young age that it would be my “job” break the cycle of crappy parenting and spectacularly bad marriage choices. My blessing is that I knew I wanted to learn from their mistakes.

In the course of my social mediocrity I managed to outrun the pit bulls and aristocratic ghosts of my past but time caught up and life fell down. My curse was that I thought I knew it all and I was young, ambitious and angry.

I’m pedaling backwards into the middle of my life in full crisis mode and can’t help but walk into walls. The ugliest feeling that exists is regret. Take nothing for granted because you never know when the power will go out.


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