Rachael Christine

Rachael Christine

Intervention tonight is about heroin addiction.  The addict described heroin as her best friend – her only friend. Heroin is always faithful. She said it always makes her feel better and it brings instant relief.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that heroin can cause death.

I am here to report that heroin does cause death. I lost my sister to heroin 8/10/12.

Nothing is more expensive than regret.  Nothing pounds into your body harder than knowing you can’t take it back.  Nothing.



No Hero In

I don’t think you understand the sacrifices that she made.

Perhaps if the dragons hadn’t chased she would have stayed.

Let go of all the demons that were tingling down her spine.

But those last six steps are the ones I can’t rewind.


Where do you look for hope when hope is six feet down?

I wasn’t supposed to be the one to put you in the ground.

It’s the hope that I had clung to when I couldn’t hear your voice.

And the life of miles between us since we never had a choice.


But I know you had more time, there is too much left undone.

Now regret is my companion and the blackness has become.

If I’d only, if I’d tried, if I’d been there, if I could

I would save you from the ugly, steal the hero, make things good.



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