A Felony of Sorts

Dealing with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaints is a real pain in the ass. It’s worth complaining about since the work you have to do to chase down the guilty parties is nonsensical.

In “Kristi-world” there is an enchanted program that immediately attacks a blog, website or any online location as soon as it recognizes a single copyrighted sentence. This wizard-like system will then temporarily shut down the user’s system while also committing the owner’s name to a wall of shame and a life sentence of sorts which prohibits the squire from ever possessing a domain again.

Does this sound farfetched? Perhaps.




If you are my friend then please don’t feed me heroin. Don’t shoot me up don’t tell me you love me. 

It’s been a year since my sister died. I watched her go into the ground and realized for the second time that regret is the most awful taste and the most expensive debt. 

Don’t fucking say you we’re her friend; that you LOVED her. 

Long Way to Happy

I never realized how severe the lines are between “yours and mine”. There’s a lot of space in the middle of what we say we’re going to do and what actually happens. People believe in conviction but delivery is expensive. Everyone looks perfect and good at the start. Marilyn said it too. There isn’t a trophy for mediocrity and life is bloody. Guilt is ugly and regret tastes bad. Choices are forever


Strong, Independent and Beautiful

When I work with young girls I remind myself on a daily basis that there are women in this world who are strong, independent and still as sexy as Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. I don’t want to teach these girls to have to depend on someone else to achieve everything they dream of. I want them to recognize that dependence is something innate and not something you give away. Self control is the strongest asset a woman owns. It’s in her mind, her body, her smile, her sexuality and her being. Never give it away. I worship no one but I admire and applaud many.  Inspire young girls to be amazing women. Be a good role model.


If you can complain, you can vote.


There is nothing I can buy you, no gift that I can give, that will prove to you my love. Watch, listen, hear me, feel me me, and you will know love.      Image

Colorado shooting

It’s ridiculous to think that what happened was a result of guns.  If a man got on a bus and plowed down 71 people, would politicians be lobbying for stricter traffic laws? 

Society isn’t becoming more violent, it’s becoming more dense.  This man is a psychopath.

  1. He planned is great detail all the way down to the kevlar outfit.
  2. He obtained an enormous amount of explosives and tear gas.
  3. He set traps.
  4. He watched his victims prior to attacking them.
  5. Multiple weapons
  6. Multiple victims
  7. Multiple sites of destruction.

There was no guilt, no empathy. He took pleasure in what he did because he made sure that he protected his own face.


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