Conviction is the ability to tell the truth regardless of how much it will hurt or who cares. It’s the capacity to love beyond borders and without reason no matter who likes it or who thinks it’s appropriate. It’s the aptitude to flaunt your ideas and then hold your head high when someone laughs just because you believe in yourself.

ImageNever lose your courage. Trust yourself always.


Rachael Christine

Rachael Christine

Intervention tonight is about heroin addiction.  The addict described heroin as her best friend – her only friend. Heroin is always faithful. She said it always makes her feel better and it brings instant relief.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that heroin can cause death.

I am here to report that heroin does cause death. I lost my sister to heroin 8/10/12.

Nothing is more expensive than regret.  Nothing pounds into your body harder than knowing you can’t take it back.  Nothing.


Pink and Peach Rose

Pink and Peach Rose

My mother could never distinguish one type of flower from another. Mom, this is a rose. The peach is for you and the pink is for me. I love you and miss you.


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