Conviction is the ability to tell the truth regardless of how much it will hurt or who cares. It’s the capacity to love beyond borders and without reason no matter who likes it or who thinks it’s appropriate. It’s the aptitude to flaunt your ideas and then hold your head high when someone laughs just because you believe in yourself.

ImageNever lose your courage. Trust yourself always.


Long Way to Happy

I never realized how severe the lines are between “yours and mine”. There’s a lot of space in the middle of what we say we’re going to do and what actually happens. People believe in conviction but delivery is expensive. Everyone looks perfect and good at the start. Marilyn said it too. There isn’t a trophy for mediocrity and life is bloody. Guilt is ugly and regret tastes bad. Choices are forever


Who are you?

Today when I was rifling through Elle Magazine, I realized that I am not the woman who shops on-line for five different pieces from different designers. I also realized that while I love fashion, I also prefer to shop in the “cheap seats”. How many women really go to the store and purchase the “brand” version of everything? I admit that I am a sucker for certain designers and fashion trends but it is nonsensical to pay $250 for one pair of jeans – even if you make a million dollars.

My suggestion is to be you on the outside and inside. Who cares what you are wearing because when it is all said and done, we are all naked. Love you Sister.

Strong, Independent and Beautiful

When I work with young girls I remind myself on a daily basis that there are women in this world who are strong, independent and still as sexy as Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. I don’t want to teach these girls to have to depend on someone else to achieve everything they dream of. I want them to recognize that dependence is something innate and not something you give away. Self control is the strongest asset a woman owns. It’s in her mind, her body, her smile, her sexuality and her being. Never give it away. I worship no one but I admire and applaud many.  Inspire young girls to be amazing women. Be a good role model.

Walking Into Walls

The truth about relationships is that every relationship you have is conditional. It might be based on love, friendship or kitty treats but if you don’t put anything into it you’re not getting anything back.

I think I’ve known from a very young age that it would be my “job” break the cycle of crappy parenting and spectacularly bad marriage choices. My blessing is that I knew I wanted to learn from their mistakes.

In the course of my social mediocrity I managed to outrun the pit bulls and aristocratic ghosts of my past but time caught up and life fell down. My curse was that I thought I knew it all and I was young, ambitious and angry.

I’m pedaling backwards into the middle of my life in full crisis mode and can’t help but walk into walls. The ugliest feeling that exists is regret. Take nothing for granted because you never know when the power will go out.

No Regrets

I don’t want leave this world with regret. It’s sort of like getting hit in the head with a baseball over and over because you don’t get out of the way of the bat. I don’t need to get hit again.



Rachael Christine

Rachael Christine

Intervention tonight is about heroin addiction.  The addict described heroin as her best friend – her only friend. Heroin is always faithful. She said it always makes her feel better and it brings instant relief.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that heroin can cause death.

I am here to report that heroin does cause death. I lost my sister to heroin 8/10/12.

Nothing is more expensive than regret.  Nothing pounds into your body harder than knowing you can’t take it back.  Nothing.


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